To me there are two types of people in the world:  the artist and the appreciators.  Every artist needs an appreciator and every appreciator has a need for an artist.  I love having the ability to be both and have the insight to see the world from both perspectives.  As an artist, I enjoy finding homes for my ceramic pieces, because it brings joy to the appreciators.


My medium is clay.  Clay’s flexibility allows me to grow both artistically and creatively.  Clay is one of the most forgiving materials.  It changes form, function and personality depending on the way it was constructed and decorated.  I love to manipulate the clay, so it alters the way the viewer will see each of my pieces.  I employ both hand building and wheel throwing to produce both functional and decorative pieces.  I continually challenge clay’s limitations.  I visualize my pieces as canvases.  I decorate them with textures, colors and incorporate a variety of materials.


Clay allows me to focus on my inner artist.  Clay has a spirit of its own, which I listen to and respect.  These two connections provide my works of art with endless possibilities.